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Tech For Care is a platform, accessible at www.techforcare.com (hereinafter only the “Platform” or the “Website”) and developed by Innova Camera – a Special Agency of the Rome Chamber of Commerce with its registered office in Rome, Via de’ Burrò 147 (00186), VAT number and tax code 10203811004 (hereinafter “Innova Camera”).

On this page, we will provide you with all the useful information regarding the Terms and Conditions of Use of the TechforCare Platform and the functioning of our Services.

1. The initiative and our objectives.

The Platform stems from a collaboration between Innova Camera and I-RIM (Istituto per la Robotica e le Macchine Intelligenti or Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Machines), hereinafter jointly the “Promoters”.

The initiative aims to create a common space to bring together the capacity for innovation among communities of experts in new technologies with the urgent needs of doctors, nurses and all operators involved in the current emergency.

TechforCare therefore aims to become a point of reference for Makers, experts in new technologies, FabLabs and companies to put forward new solutions to counter the effects of the current crisis and make them available to those who need them.

For this reason, anyone with a need relating to the current crisis can submit it and have it published on the Platform. At the same time, he or she can check whether a solution to this requirement is already present and therefore available in the “Solutions” section.

In this way, Innova Camera aims to be a place where Needs and Solutions come together, putting the Users who request them in touch with one another.

We would like to specify that the publication of Projects in the “Solutions” and “Needs” sections does not under any circumstances constitute an offer to the public pursuant to Article 1336 of the Italian Civil Code.

2. Platform Services

  • Needs

The Needs section of the Website allows operators in the medical/health sector and other parties who find themselves needing to adopt particular safety and containment measures due to the current crisis to signal their needs and requirements. This is done by filling in a form which includes some information about the applicant and a description of the needs. Once submitted, the request will be carefully evaluated by the Promoters and, once approved, will be published anonymously among the “Submitted needs”. If the request submitted is similar or comparable to one already published on the Website, the new request will be displayed as a “similar need”. Once the need is met, it will be marked as met and will remain visible within the section.

  •  Solutions

The Solutions section of the Website hosts ideas and projects (hereinafter “Projects”) aimed at countering the current COVID-19 emergency, submitted by researchers, professionals and makers (hereinafter “Contributors”).

Anyone can suggest a project using the specific form available at techforcare.com/soluzioni/. In addition to indicating the title of the project, the name of the creator, a description of the Project and any certifications obtained, the Contributor can indicate a URL where further information can be found as well as attach images or files in any format. Alternatively, once the form has been filled in, Projects can be sent as specified by the Promoters in their email reply.

By submitting the form, the Contributor assumes all liability for any direct or indirect consequences deriving from the use of his/her Project and hereby undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless Innova Camera against any possible consequence deriving from the use of the Projects implemented.

Before being published in the Solutions section, the Projects submitted will be subject to an evaluation by a group of experts who make up a Scientific Committee, the members of which are listed at https://techforcare.com/team/. This committee will verify that there are no obvious compliance limitations. Should the Project pass the Committee evaluation stage, it will be published in the section and will be classified as a Solution.

In the “Solutions” section, projects published on Open Source Platforms (such as Welder) may also be shown. “These projects are included in a dedicated catalog, called” Selected Projects “. By clicking on the individual project you will be redirected to the website on which the projects have been uploaded and where more information can be found. “

If the projects are still in the testing phase and / or if they do not yet have the necessary certifications, this will be highlighted on each project : “uncertified project, whose safety has not been proven.

  • Implementations

The Implementations section allows companies, FabLabs and enthusiasts capable of bringing to life the Projects presented in the Solutions section to put themselves forward, making their skills and resources available to produce said Projects.

Anyone interested in doing so can signal their availability by making a production offer using the form available at https://techforcare.com/realizzazioni/. This will allow Innova Camera to put those available for production directly in contact with those who suggested the Projects using the contact details provided.

3. Responsible use

By using the Services made available by the Promoters, Users of the Website undertake to respect what is provided therein and not to violate intellectual or industrial property rights or other exclusive rights of third parties when using the Platform and making use of its Services.

Innova Camera is in no way and under no circumstances liable for any damage caused to third parties as a result of the improper use of the Platform by Users.

The User therefore hereby undertakes to indemnify and hold harmless Innova Camera against any possible consequences deriving from any incorrect use that he or she may make of the Platform or its Services.

You can report any violations of these Terms and Conditions and/or other published content by emailing info@techforcare.com.

4. Intellectual property rights

All names, brands, logos, graphical interfaces, texts, user interfaces and the computer code and other distinguishing marks mentioned or reproduced on the Website are protected by copyright, trademarks or other intellectual and/or industrial property rights and therefore remain the sole and exclusive property of their authors and rights holders. The reproduction and/or representation of all or part of the elements of the Website is strictly prohibited.

The Platform may include logos or distinguishing marks of third parties. These logos or distinguishing marks are displayed for descriptive purposes only, and all rights over them belong to the respective holders.

Each Contributor expressly declares that each Project, prototype, idea, and proposal or part thereof presented as part of the initiative set out on the Platform is original and does not in any way, in whole or in part, violate the intellectual property rights of third parties: to this end, each Contributor hereby undertakes to indemnify Innova Camera against any and all liability and request for compensation for damages and/or indemnity that may be submitted by third parties in this regard.

Innova Camera acknowledges the Contributor’s intellectual and/or industrial property rights over the Proposals submitted by them; each Participant remains fully responsible for protecting any innovative and/or original element of the Project against inappropriate use (registration request, patent application submission, etc.) using the means provided for this purpose by law, including the payment of any commission or cost incurred.

Contributors acknowledge that Projects may be subject to communication, dissemination and/or publication as part of the initiative promoted on the Platform and/or through communication methods and media that may be used to promote it (including after it has been carried out), and that this will entail Projects being visible to all Users and/or to the community receiving these communications. To this end, they hereby authorise Innova Camera to communicate, disclose and/or publish Projects, including in part, both for the purposes of this initiative and for purposes related to promotional campaigns and internal and external advertising. To this end, each Contributor grants Innova Camera a non-exclusive right of use free of charge and without temporal or geographical limitations for the Projects presented during the Event, for the purposes expressly referred to in this article. Each contributor therefore hereby authorises Innova Camera to use and publish his/her Projects on the Website and/or on other analogue, digital and print communication channels (e.g. on the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn channels). Where Projects are reused, the Contributor will be mentioned by name. Furthermore, Innova Camera assumes no liability in the event of the unlawful or unauthorised use of the Project and/or any development and production of the same and/or of the Project relating to it by anyone who becomes aware of it, and therefore the Contributor foregoes the right to make any claim for damages and/or compensation against Innova Camera for any reason and/or cause.

5. Privacy

The personal data provided by filling in the forms on the Website or communicated via the contact details provided will be processed by Innova Camera – and by the Data Processors appointed for this purpose – in compliance with the current European and national legislation (Reg. EU 2016/679 (GDPR) and Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent modifications and supplements) according to the methods specified in the privacy policy on the processing of personal data accessible at the following address: https://techforcare.com/privacy-policy/, which constitutes an integral and substantial part of these Terms and Conditions.

6. Guarantees and limitations of liability

Innova Camera undertakes to maintain and manage the Platform, using the best experience available to guarantee its efficiency. In this regard, Innova Camera cannot be held liable in any way for any damages, including but not limited to indirect, consequential, special or incidental damages, nor for any damages and/or anomalies that may occur and that are beyond the technical control of Innova Camera, such as, for example, malfunctions in the management of computer networks or malfunctions due to defects in the means required to access the Platform, or due to the improper use of said means.

Furthermore, Innova Camera is in no way liable for the interruption of Services resulting from cases of force majeure, including but not limited to sabotage, fires, floods, earthquakes, strikes, or the defective functioning of the Services and contents resulting from the incorrect functioning of the telephone and electricity lines or of global and/or national networks due to malfunctions, overloading or interruptions for which Innova Camera is not responsible.

From time to time, in addition, it may be necessary for us to make updates and implementations on our Platform. In these cases, access to the Platform and Services may be limited or removed to allow us to implement the changes. If this occurs, a notice will be published on the Platform. In any case, Innova Camera can in no way be held directly or indirectly liable for any damages related to this suspension of Services.

The Website contains links to external sites and platforms. Innova Camera is not the owner of these sites and platforms and has no control over them. It cannot therefore be held directly or indirectly liable in any way for any damages related to their use.

7. Publication, modification and validity of the Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions, as well as any changes, are valid and effective from the date of publication.

Innova Camera reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time, including without prior notice. If this occurs, a notice will be displayed on the Platform. The rights acquired by the Contributors who have already submitted their Projects are not affected.

If a Contributor does not agree with the changes made, he/she can request the removal of his/her Project from the Platform at any time.

If, however, the Contributor decides to continue using the Platform, he/she will be bound by the new conditions.

8. Governing law and jurisdiction

Relations between the User and Innova Camera are governed by the laws of Italy, according to which these Terms and Conditions will also be interpreted and applied.

Any dispute that may arise in relation to these Terms and Conditions, including those relating to their validity, effectiveness, interpretation, execution and termination, will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of Rome.

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