Tech For Care is the open platform for sharing emergency resources and projects COVID - 19

Tech For Care is a selection of resources, solutions, technologies, intelligent machines and robots to counter the epidemic and its effects – today and wherever they are needed. The projects are accessible and available to everyone: healthcare professionals and those engaged in producing essential goods and services, and anyone who knows real needs for help, can describe the needs, look through the available solutions or collaborate in defining new solutions. If you are a maker, a developer, a company, a researcher, a smart machine engineer, a robotics expert and you want to contribute, submit your project. This platform will bring together needs and solutions.


I have a need

Are you an exposed operator or do you know a real need for help? Describe your needs

I have a solution

Are you a researcher, a professional, a maker? Submit your project and participate in projects shared on the web

I can Build and Realize

Are you a company, a fablab, an enthusiast capable of creating solutions to your needs and making them operational? Make yourself available to give answers today and wherever they are needed